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Craig O'Bryan


Direct Mail Marketing

a good way to target neighborhoods and get  great postage rates....

Send your designed and printed Direct Mail piece for as low as 40¢ each!
Based on 1,000 6" x4"direct mail postcards bulked mailed using your company mailing list, including graphic design, printing and mailing!

• Graphic Design that will cut through the clutter and command attention– and action.
• Content is King: get down to the heart of the matter–  directly selling your product or service and educate customers about what you have and why they need it.
• Make the Killer Offer they can’t refuse.
• Powerful Mailing Lists- start with your existing customers or build one to reach new customers– we’ll help you get started!

Direct Mail Starter Kit: 1,000 Postcards- $90

Includes custom graphic design & printing, 6” x4” full color on front and back, 14 pt. glossy card stock w/ UV coating

Free! Postcard Marketing Guide

Maximize your Direct Mail Marketing with our Postcard Marketing Guide
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